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Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Optimization

Every blogger wants their posts to index on google first page. So, that we can get tonnes of traffic for our websites. There are many factors which depend on the ranking of posts like unique and good quality of the content (not copied), choosing proper post title, eye-catching or influencing meta tag, adequate selection of post URL that has a post title in it. There are such various things that we have to keep in mind to make post-SEO-friendly.

If I discuss WordPress then Yoast SEO is the best WordPress plugin for search engine optimisation (SEO), this plugin helps you in making your content SEO-friendly, so why wait?

Do some smart work along with your hard work, which will give you the best result and which makes your way quite simple towards your SEO-friendly content.

Below I am discussing fundamental and simple tricks on how you can customise Yoast SEO?

Improve Readability Analysis

Your post should have more than 300 words and should be free from spelling errors.

Don’t make your paragraph too long keep it short, and must have headings in it, (don’t just increase the font size of text use proper headings tags like  h1,h2,h3,h4 and so on ) recommended for Yoast SEO.

Adding Image To Post

If you use the image in your post then after uploading it, give the proper “Alternative Text” to it, on clicking Edit Button on the image. And give the “Alt Text”  to the featured image also.

For eg., If your post is about animal caring then your “Alt Text” can be: animal caring, pet care, save animal, loving pets, dog care, animals, cats, protect animal. You can add much more text like this.

Add Relevant Tags To Posts

Giving tags to your post is most important it helps when someone searches for your post using that keywords (tags), If you want then, you can copy same alt text of image and paste it on your tags or you can add more tags, it’s up to you.

Focus Key Phrase

Focus key phrase is the leading and essential things towards the ranking of the article on google first page. Select proper focus keyphrase.

This keyphrase can be a word or a short line; you can use those key phrases which frequently appeared in your post.

This keyphrase should be present in the following location of your site:

  • Meta description
  • In URL of a post
  • Alt Text of image
  • In a slug (post URL)
  • SEO title width
  • Tags
  • On a subheading (if possible)

Add Internal Links

You must have internal links of your website on the individual post.

If you don’t know where to give the internal links then, at the end or in between of your post you can add Also Read, or Our Content and provide the link of your website’s previous posts on their titles. Likewise, I have given on my posts. If possible, then you can give some external/outbound links also.

So, These are some easy tips by which you can customise your Yoast SEO plugin, and you will get both green tick marks on your post.

Thanks for reading.

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