Avoid These Common Gaming Mistakes


If you play games on PC and purchase new games frequently so, you should keep these points in mind and do not make any gaming mistakes in future. Follow these points, and you will save your PC as well as money. I have discussed some common mistakes which people do while playing a game on PC.

Read system requirement carefully

This is the prevalent gaming mistakes which most of us do. We purchase the game without knowing its system requirements. This creates a problem while running a game or the game will not run at all.

There is always a minimum and recommended system requirement of a particular game.

The minimum requirement means you should have at least that much amount of CPU, graphics, RAM, etc. to run the game. The recommended requirement means Its the ideal condition (CPU, graphics, RAM) for running the game smoothly without any lag.

So, before buying a game read it’s system requirement. If your PC is compatible with the game’s condition, then only purchase it, otherwise don’t.

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Can You Run It:  Click to open site

This is a website where you can check a particular game, whether it is compatible or not. This will scan your PC and automatically detect your system configuration and shows you all the game that is compatible with your PC.

Not Only Graphics Card

This is very much common gaming mistakes that we do. Most of the people experience lag, or their game doesn’t run smooth, or even a game didn’t work with their PC. So they upgrade their graphics card. But after upgrading, the situation remains the same; they still face lag and un-smooth gaming experience.

If you purchase the best graphics card with, but your processor is slow, then you will not be able to have decent gaming experience. You will always face lagging in your game.

So, the graphics card is not only the components responsible for smooth gameplay, it depends on a good processor, with better RAM hard disk and other parts. If you face this type of issue, then don’t go with the graphics card, upgrade overall component of your PC.(i.e. processor, RAM,  SSD (hard disk) ).

Be cautious before pre-order any game

Before releasing any game its trailer is launch likewise in movies, the gameplay and graphics shows in a trailer is so much realistic that some people pre-order it, but the actual game is very different from which it has shown in a trailer. So people waste their time and money.

Wait for the game to come in the market, check out the reviews of experts and see the gameplay on YouTube. There are big you tubers who do a review of the latest game. Watch it, and If you satisfy, then buy it. Or you can invest your money in other excellent games.

So Don’t just blindly pre-order any game by watching its trailer.

Don’t upgrade your PC for new games

Some people upgrade their PC for a particular game only. Like GTA-V or a new version of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or Origin comes out, so they buy an expensive graphics card or upgrade their PC for only one game.

If you belong to a middle-class family, then you can’t upgrade your PC frequently for only one or two games. If you think your computer is much outdated and can’t play the newer games then go for an upgrade. Because PC’s equipment is too expensive, no doubt middle-class people have no point to upgrade in every 3 or 4 months.

The gaming standard and its industry are growing day-by-day, so system requirements also increase. We are not rich to upgrade our PC for every game.

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