Set A Custom USB Icon On Pen Drive


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Set a custom USB icon on a pen drive. Below are the steps where you can set a drive icon on your pen drive very easily, so use this trick and amaze your friends. 
  • First, select the image that you want in your drive icon.
  • Right click on the image and then click edit (MS Paint opens).
  • Goto file click save as and choose BMP pictures and give a file name and save on desktop.
  • Now on a desktop, right click goto new and then click on Text Document (notepad opens).
  • On notepad type  “[autorun] icon=image file name.bmp” (eg. icon=catch4trends.bmp) and save notepad file name as “autorun”, save this also on a desktop.


  • Copy both the file (image file & autorun) on a pen drive.
  • Remove the pen drive and re-insert it, you will see a  changed icon on your pen drive.

Note: You can hide those file so no one can see it. Any difficulty do let me know in comments.


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