SSD vs HDD: Full Details With Comparison


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Welcome to our SSD vs HDD post, here I will provide you with every detail and technical specification why SSD is best over HDD because we all know that SSD’s overall performance is nicer than HDD. So, here I don’t discuss what’s the science working behind these hard disks. I will give you a comparison of why SSD’s are good in storage, speed, games.

Before comparison let’s take a quick overview of these hard drives.

HDD (Hard Disk Drive):

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If you are using PC or laptop of 2 to 3 years old then generally you have HDD to store your files and folders. The HDD has a circular disc which rotates when we store or extract the data from this drive. The performance of a hard drive depends upon the rotation of the disc. The faster the disc rotates, the faster the HDD works.

SSD (Solid State Drive):

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It is modern and latest technology of storage in PC and laptops. SSD doesn’t have any disc for rotation it uses flash memory to store data. This is similar to RAM, unlike RAM which clear the data as PC goes off, but in SSD the data remains even during power loss. There are some SSD’s available in the market which can be easily installed in place of HDD. So people can easily upgrade to SSD without changing their PC.

SSD vs HDD Difference Explained:

There are plenty of differences between SSD and HDD. We will provide you with complete information along with a detailed comparison between SSD and HDD. In a subsequent paragraph, you will find how SSD’s and HDD’s performs in terms of gaming, storage power consumption and speed.

SSD Vs HDD Storage:

If you have a large amount of data to store then HDD is the right choice. You can afford 1 or 2 TB of HDD at a reasonable price over SSD. HDD has little bit slow performance and takes time to load the data from it. So according to my recommendation, you can store photos, music, videos, movies, games on HDD’s because they are good for storing lots of files. On SSD you can install an operating system which reduces the boot-up time of PC and you can install software which you regularly use for your work, you will experience faster and smooth performance.

If you thinking of purchasing new PC or laptops and have a good budget then definitely get an SSD (minimum 250 GB) +  HDD (1 or 2 TB). If you have a free slot on a laptop for SSD then you can buy a compatible SSD and install it on your laptop.

SSD Vs HDD Speed:

When we compare SSD Vs HDD SPEED, the SSD wins over HDD by the major differences. So SSD technology is always been faster than the traditional HDD.

When we talk about HDD, we know that HDD consists of a circular disc and it’s speed depend on the rotation of the disc. Faster the disc rotates, faster the HDD performs.  Generally, hard drive which is available in the market has a 5400 and 7200 rpm (revolution per minute). The 7200 rpm HDD is modern that perform much better than 5400 rpm.

SSD’s and HDD’s speed are measured in Mbps. HDD speed ranges from 80-150 Mbps (depend on rpm).  As SSD doesn’t have any moving disc it has a flash memory it’s speed ranges from 200-550 Mbps (depend on kind of SSD’s). So now we can conclude that in SSD Vs HDD Speed Test the SSDs performs better than HDDs.

SSD Vs HDD Gaming:

Generally, the SSD Vs HDD Gaming the experience on SSD is a little bit faster. If you installed your game on SSD then it will reduce your boot-up time, If HDD takes 1 minute to load then SSD will take 30-35 seconds that’s it.

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SSD Vs HDD Power Consumption:

The SSD’s are power-efficient and consumes less power than HDD’s. SSD Vs HDD Power Consumption –This helps laptops as it requires less power and hence increases the battery life.

SSD Vs HDD Cost:

The Big difference between SSD’s and HDD’s are their price SSD’s are expensive then HDD’s. SSD’s are more costly per GB than a traditional hard drive. But nowadays we see that SSD’s price is reduced.


If you are thinking about a new PC or laptop and have a decent budget then should go for both SSD and HDD combination. Install the operating system on SSD and other stuff on HDD. For new laptop (if SSD is not pre-installed) you should make sure that it has a slot available to install SSD. In future, if you wish to install it.

Here is a quick comparison.

WORKINGFlash memoryCircular Disc
STORAGELow amount of  storageA high amount of storage
SPEED200-550 Mbps80-150 Mbps
GAMING∼Same (little bit benefit)Same


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