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Does India trust the USA more than Russia and China?

In recent times, India's trust in the USA seems to have grown more than its trust in Russia and China. The increasing trade and defense ties between India and the US are indicative of this shift. However, India's historical relations with Russia cannot be overlooked, as it still holds a significant place in India's foreign policy. On the other hand, the ongoing border disputes and rising tensions with China have led to a strained relationship between the two countries. Overall, while India's trust in the USA appears to be on the rise, it is essential to consider the complexities of its relationships with Russia and China.

  • May, 24 2023


How to watch cricket matches live from the USA (for free)?

Cricket fans in the USA can watch their favorite matches live and for free! With the right streaming services, you can easily access cricket matches from around the world. From the convenience of your own home, you can experience the excitement of the match with a few clicks of the mouse. Watch your favorite teams battle it out on the field in real-time and be part of the action. Get ready to enjoy the thrill of cricket matches with a free streaming service and never miss out on a game!

  • Mar, 21 2023