Are you looking for the Fap CEO MOD APK?

If yes, then you are at the right place as you can download it from here. It’s a fantastic business management game where you are the boss, and all your employees are hot and beautiful females.

Introduction of Fap CEO MOD APK

The gameplay of Fap CEO starts where you are the CEO of a significant studio idol company. You have to grow your company to make profits and hire more employees. All the employees in your company and hot and beautiful females and you are the only men there. So you can take things to the next level and invite them to dinner and build relationships with them.
Make profits, hire employees and flirt with them to enjoy the game. Developed by Nutaku, it’s a great dating simulation game where you meet beautiful people. Don’t just focus on girls because the key to getting more and more hot girls in your company is by growing your company.

Mod Features of Fap CEO MOD APK

What’s New?
  • Unlimited Money
  • New Sexy, Hot Girls
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

1. Hire Hot & Sexy Girls

You are the CEO, and all the employees are women in your company. All are anime characters, so they look gorgeous as being designed by Japan’s top animators. Invite them to dinner and date them to build emotional relations with them. Your first employee is Amber, a gorgeous girl with blond hair and blue

2. Become a Great CEO/Businessman

At starting, you are the only employee in your company. As your company grows, more employees join it. Being a CEO brings enormous challenges to you, and also, there are beautiful women to distract you from work. So it’s essential to grow your business and earn money to hire more beautiful women like them.

3. Build Relationships with Beautiful Women

Being the only man in the workspace and holding the most powerful position gives you an advantage. When your business is doing well, it’s time to take a break and sit next to a beautiful woman and start flirting. Invite them to dinner and hang out with them to build an emotional connection.
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How to Use Mod?

The mod feature of the game is unlimited money, so you have to clear the first part of the game by completing the first sale. Next, you have to go to another company to take the CEO’s office and use the unlimited money mod to buy more gems.

Download Fap CEO MOD APK for Android

Just being wealthy and successful won’t make you happy as sooner or later you will find it pointless to make a lot of money when you have no one to share with.
It’s precisely reflected in this game as you are a wealthy CEO, and there are plenty of hot girls around you to build a physical and emotional relationship.
It has proven to be an excellent simulation game for Android, especially for lonely men. So if you are one of them, please click below the download button and download it on your Android device.

How to Install it on Android?

  1. Download both Fap CEO mod Apk and fap CEO launcher on your device from this page.
  2. First, install the launcher and then the mod version.
  3. Open the launcher and enjoy playing the game.

FAQ’s Related to Fap CEO MOD APK

Q1. How to get unlimited gems/coins/keys in it?

We have provided the unlimited money mod for you, and you can get unlimited gems, coins and keys in exchange for it.

Q2. Which are the games similar to it?

Games like booty call girls and all other games by Nutaku and pretty similar to it.


FAP CEO MOD APK is a great anime-based simulation and dating game with millions of users globally. Download it from this page and get the unlimited money feature to enjoy it even more.
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