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Unknown And Interesting Facts About PUBG

pugb, pubg facts, pubg tips, pubg wiki, winner winner chicken dinner pubg

About PUBG

Do you know about PUBG? I come up with some cool PUBG facts. If you don’t know about this game then, I must tell you that, currently, this is a popular game in the World and within a year of release it has taken place in World’s top 5 best games. So, here I come up with mind-blowing facts about this game.

I am just giving you a short description of it. PUBG is an open-world multiplayer shooting game with live chatting features with your teammate (i.e. you can use your earphone mic) Isn’t it sounds interesting. This game was first available on PC. As soon as it launched on the smartphones platform, it started becoming popular and most favourable game.

How It Becomes Popular

We know that when some games are about to come in the market one can pre-order those game to PLAY FIRST. Likewise, if you pre-order PUBG on March 2017 for PC you may get a special gift from PUBG a Bandana (rare cloth) which is an outfit of the player in the game.

Some Dresses are so unique that this is not available in the crate or in the game itself. These cloths are available to only those person who pre-order PUBG. But, yes you can purchase this bandana, and the price of this in some country is approx $1000. I must tell you that there is some person who buys this bandana; so you can think how popular is this game.


This game was launched around February 2018 on android platform and became No. 1 game in google play store.

Set The New Record Of Highest Online Users

PUBG creates the highest record of more than 1.3 million people playing it online at the same time. Previously, Dota 2 is on the top of the list, but PUBG breaks it to record and becomes number one in highest online user.

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Facts About PUBG Mobile

If you are familiar with PUBG mobile, then you know that you are being landed on someplace where there are 100 players they fight with each other whoever last, wins the game. So, here one interesting fact comes up that there are some bots (not a real character) in the game which runs away or lie down by seeing you and maybe there are among that 100 players or perhaps not.

How “PUBG” Name comes

Did you know who has made this game?? Well, if you don’t, then I must tell you that Brendan Greene is the designer of this game. He had made this game by some inspirational ideas from his previous game which he had made. When Mr Brendan plays any game most of the time, he named his player “Player Unknown”. That’s why the name of this game is “Player Unknown Battle Ground”. So, now you know that who has made this game and how this game name’s come up.

Facts About Map

To make this game more attractive there is a story behind this, i.e. The Soviet military had occupied this island around the end of world war two and was doing chemical and biological experiment, after that when people attacked the Soviet military this island become a ruin. So, in gameplay, we see a closed bus and cars, broken houses, machinery, and an army (military) base.

The facts about the blue zone are that it is electric current which is circular and spread over the map, which brings the player closer.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ?

When you or your team wins the game, then you see a message displayed on the screen “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. Most of the time it comes to your mind why this is written there? What’s the meaning of it?

Brendan has made so many games and at the end, if someone wins the game, then Winner Winner Chicken Dinner message displays.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, this statement was used in ancient times (western countries). In that time when people play to gamble, and the winner is awarded money so in that time people are not so rich therefore they celebrate their winning at night by Chicken which they can comfortably afford and is luxurious in that time. So, this is an ancient statement which people use to say.

I hope you now understand the meaning of the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.


This game was launched 23rd March 2017 on the Steam platform and became mostly purchased game. Around two million copies were sold in just one month. On PUBG computer you can record normal gameplay as well as 3-D cinematic gameplay and this feature you do not get in most of the game. This game doesn’t spend money on advertisement.

Well, there are more about PUBG, but I bring you some interesting facts. I hope you like it; if you do so, then comment which one you like most and share with your friend, so they also know the PUBG’s facts.

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