How To Dual Boot Kali Linux With Window 7/8/10 ?


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Are you facing any problem in installing Kali Linux to your system? Or you want to use window 7/8/10 along with Kali Linux (i.e. dual boot)? Then your search end’s here you must try this procedure, and you will be able to install it on your PC successfully.  

Follow these easy steps, and I guarantee you will surely install Kali Linux on your PC or Laptop. I have tried it and didn’t face any problem like (grub loader or any type).


  • Download Kali Linux ISO file from here (32/64 bit) >> Download Link
  • Download Rufus software for creating bootable pen drive >> Download Link
  • Select the device where you want to boot your downloaded Kali Linux ISO file.

  •       Create a partition from Disk Management at least 25 GB.

           (An allocated drive will appear)

First Round For Installation Is Completed

  • Now, restart your pc/laptop then go to boot menu option and select your pen drive.
  • A kali Linux window will open select Graphical Install.


  • Now you have to choose a languagecountry, and keyboard layout and then click Continue.


  • If the installation shows network autoconfiguration failed then click continue and then select do not configure the network at this time and click continue.                                               
  • So after this, enter the hostname (like catch4trends) and password and then select a time zone and click continue.


  • A Partition Disk window will open, select Manual and select a partition(25GB) which created earlier (usually shows free space), click continues.



  • Click continue and then select automatically partition the free space >> Click Continue and select all files in one partition (recommended for new users)  >> Click continue.


  • Finish the partition and write changes to disk and click continue and it will ask for confirmation for write changes to disk select Yes and then continue.


  • Configure the package manager box will appear to use a network mirror? >> select No (you can change it later) and click continue.


  • Now, kali will ask to install GRUB loader to the master boot record >> select Yes.


  • Install the GRUB on Hard disk


  • A window will appear showing installation finish >> click continue.


Here we go! You have successfully installed Kali Linux on your PC.

Any queries you can ask in the comment below.


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