Live Stream On YouTube Using Mobile Phone


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Live Stream Your Favourite Game On YouTube By Mobile

Make your favourite gameplay live on YouTube using your mobile phone. This is a short and simple method and only for Android users. You can play your favourite games and make your audience entertain by live streaming on YouTube. You can also earn money.

Necessary things require for live streaming

  • Android Mobile Phone
  • YouTube Gaming App
  • YouTube Channel
  • Good Internet Connection
  • The game which you live stream

You have to just download the youtube gaming app from google play store. Sign In with your Google account. You will require a youtube channel if you didn’t have then create one. That’s it, now follow the steps listed below.

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Follow These Steps

  • Download YouTube Gaming app from google play store.
  • Click on the 3rd icon on top right of the app.

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  • Settings will appear select STREAM and select video quality 480p or 720p.
  • Click on next and select the game which you want to stream.
  • Add the information about the stream i.e. title and description.
  • Click next and you will be asked to share your stream on social media and then click on Start.
  • You are now live on YouTube.


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