Android Phone Into Security Camera


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We bring you exciting stuff; now you can turn your old android phone into a security camera in which you can record footage with audio, take a snapshot and much more with lots of exciting features.
So, why waiting to take benefit of your unused android mobile. 


  •  First, you need to download the IP webcam app on your android mobile from play store.
  • Before opening the app, create Wi-Fi Hotspot of your mobile and connect with your pc.
  • Now open the app and scroll down to last option and tap on Start server.

  • The camera opens; now open a web browser on your pc and type the IP address which shows below on the screen of the mobile (or it shows on notification bar also) and press enter.

Eg.  (type )

  • This type of window will display on the browser. 

  • On video renderer option, click on the browser;  your mobile phone camera will be displayed on your pc.

Now use and monitor your CCTV camera with lots of its advanced features.

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