Amazon Flex India: Great Earning By Package Delivery


What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon flex is a program recently launched in India, where a person has to deliver the amazon’s order. It can be anything household appliances, electronics, clothing and much more. This program is specifically targeted to students or a person those you have spare time. It’s an excellent part-time job, and a person can earn Rs. 6 to 7 thousand rupees per month if he works for 2 hours per day, including Sunday flex, amazon flex india

You are your own boss. You are free to choose the area (address) and time to deliver the packages. Like, if you have 2 to 3-hours, free time in the evening then you can provide the order at that time.

Requirements To Join Amazon Flex

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • An android phone with camera and flash. GPS and an active sim with voice and data connectivity.
  • A two-wheeler with all documents.
  • A Driving License, Registration Certificate (RC), Insurance Certificate and Pollution (PUC) certificate.
  • A PAN card.
  • A Bank account.

You can use your existing [] account or create a new one.

A third-party authority will do background verification on behalf of amazon, which includes checking of your address, driving license, and criminal record.

Insurance By Amazon

Amazon has insurance coverage to all his delivery partner who is under this program. Read the terms and condition page of amazon flex program.

Download Amazon Flex App

You have to download the Amazon Flex App on your android phone.

How To Make Delivery

You can make deliveries according to your convenience and availability of Amazon’s order in your location. On the amazon flex app you’ll receive the order’s, and you need to accept or decline it before they expire. If you took the order’s, then the app will provide you location, where you can pick up the packages.


You can track your earning on the app. Amazon flex will deposit the payment every Wednesday directly to your bank account. You will get Rs. 120 – 140 per hour.



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