How Earphones Damage Ears?


From morning workout to watching movies or listening to songs, we generally plug-in earphones to our ears. So, Is earphones or headphones cause hearing loss?

Excessive use of loud music may cause damaging to the ears. So, I will discuss such points on how to use earphones without damaging ears.

On the old mobiles or featured phones, a warning message is displayed if, you increase the volume level. So, there is a specific limit to which our ears can quickly adapt a sound. It is possible that listening to loud music for long duration can cause hearing loss.hearing loss, earphones damage ears

How Earphones Causes Hearing Loss

When you listen to any song for 4-5 minutes in a higher volume and after that, if you switched to low volume song then you will not able hear it. Because now your ears have adapted the sound according to the higher volume song that’s why you can’t hear the next song in low volume after all this is temporary damage.

If you didn’t listen to loud sounds for 10 to 15 minutes, then your ears will be back to healthy hearing condition.

If you hear loud sounds for 1 to 2 hour’s daily, then your ears will quickly adopt such higher volume hearing condition, and this may lead to ear’s damage and lowers your hearing capacity.

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How To Prevent Hearing Loss

Keep your headphones or earphones volume up to 60% not beyond. Up to this level of volume, you can hear the outside’s noise easily. So, don’t make a daily habit of listening to music for more than 2 hours.

If you can permanently avoid using earphones, then it will be grateful to your ears. It’s hard to avoid using headphones or earphones for most of us. So, Don’t worry, listen to music but in moderate volume.


Everythings has a specific limit if we go beyond it, then it will make us suffer. Definitely, use headphones but avoid listening for more than an hour and always hear in a moderate volume that is up to 60%.



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