5 Technology Facts Everyone Should Know


I have discussed some interesting technology facts that we come across in our day-to-day life. Maybe some of you know this already if you don’t then read this article that will definitely make you understand why we switch off the phone during flight journey. How your network provider keep track on you, what is uses of incognito/private mode in the browser, why Mark Zuckerberg hide is webcam on his laptop? and much more.

These are 5 technology facts that you have experienced in your life. In some facts, I have given you tips so follow those and stay secured in this vulnerable internet world.

 1. Your Network Provider

Do you know that network providers can monitor your searches on the internet? i.e. what you browse, which type of site you visit, means each and everything that is your full internet history. If you are sharing any copyrighted material or downloading any illegal content or spreading piracy on the internet so they can keep track on you. There is rule coming in some countries that if you do this type of illegal activity then after the 3rd time, your network provider can revoke your internet connection and you can’t access the net again.

    2. Why do we switch off mobile phones on a flight?

Out of 5 technology facts, this is a more exciting one and some you may not know this before. So read out and find the answer.

When we board on a flight we are requested to keep the electronics gadgets switch off or on flight mode. Do you the reason behind this? The authority that controls the flight, do think that their navigation system works on 800 Mhz and luckily, the mobile signal also works on the same frequency. So this can create some interference to the flight navigation system. But till now no such case is seen. Due to these security reasons, we are advised to keep our phone off.

mobile tower, mobile signal, tower, signal bounce

We know that aeroplane moves at a very fast speed, therefore, the mobile signal will bounce very rapidly from one tower to another and mobile towers are build to provide networks to grounded people only and not to people who are on very high altitude (like in flight). So, mobile towers use much of the resources to provide a signal to the person on the flight. So, this can create a signal failure to grounded people. 

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   3. Incognito mode in the browser

icognito mode, icognito, google chrome

You are familiar with an incognito mode or private window in your browser. This mode comes with a modern internet browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera mini and etc. Basically, this mode of a browser does not store any history or cookies for the sites you surf in that session. But this mode is not fully anonymous, because it does not hide your IP address. A person has it’s the identity by their unique mobile number likewise on the internet IP address defines your identity. So, the incognito mode doesn’t hide or change your IP, therefore, your network provider can track you what you are surfing on the internet.

If you want no one to track your searches on the internet then you can use TOR browser, a good VPN or proxy (it’s a lower end thing). But this doesn’t mean that you’re doing any illegal activities. If you do so, then the police will definitely catch you. So, don’t be in the wrong perception that incognito mode hides your identity on the internet.

   4. Google knows everything about you

Did you know that Google knows everything about you what you search or wants to search, where you go, your text and voice chats, photos, contacts, files and folders and much more things you can’t even think of? Now, a question comes up in your mind, how Google know these things? Because you are using an Android device. We all know that the android platform is created by Google. So, Google has all the access of users who use the android device. If any country’s government want to access the data of a person then Google will hand over every single detail of a person’s data stored on the device. So, Google knows everything beyond your thinking.

A recommended advice from myself is that go to your device settings and where you can see what are the details you are sharing with Google, like locations, camera, access to file and etc. If you notice any unwanted access that you had given then verify and fix it. Just cross-check your device settings and check that you don’t have any viruses. Then you are safe after all Android is a secured platform.

   5. Is your webcam is safe?

mark zukerberg, facebook, webcam, webcam hide

If you have a device such as a laptop or mobile which have a webcam then you are maybe in danger or your privacy is at risk. If you have a webcam device then any software, virus or malicious code can be sent or installed on your device which can access your webcam like what you are doing, can capture the image. Mark Zuckerberg put a tape on the webcam of his laptop. When an owner of biggest tech company put a tape on his webcam, then one can assume how much vulnerable our machines are and you can’t even know about the flaws that come up which can put a risk on your privacy and even click images from your webcam-enabled devices.

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