OnePlus TV Q1 Series: Specs, Reviews and Comparison


OnePlus come up with its first-ever products from his family that is OnePlus TV.  OnePlus launched its first smart TV of Q series in the market of India and China. It is a 55-inch QLED TV that works on android platform. It is launched in two variants OnePlus TV 55 Q1 and OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Pro.

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OnePlus is one of the elite brands in the smartphone market. OnePlus lies in the category of the most premium and best selling smartphone. Now, OnePlus stepped in the smart TV market. So, let’s see how well OnePlus’s TV markets stand. Here, I bring you an overview of OnePLus TV.

OnePlus TV Design

OnePlus TV has a nearly bezel-less screen and provides 95.7% of screen to body ratio. The bezel-less devices increase the size of the available screen. Which creates a fantastic viewing experience while watching TV.

oneplus tv design
Image source: OnePlus

OnePlus TV has an excellent build quality which also looks very stunning from the backside. It’s a lightweight TV that can easily fit in your living rooms.

OnePlus TV comes with a sliding soundbar, which works as a home theatre. So, this is actually, an additional speaker in which you may experience much detailed sound quality.

OnePlus TV Display

The display technology of OnePlus TV depends on the quantum light-emitting diode, QLED in short form. This TV is quite similar to LED, and the difference is that QLED uses quantum dot technology. OnePlus TV has a dedicated processor Gamma Color Magic to optimizes the image quality and provide perfect viewing visual experience.

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oneplus tv display
Image source: OnePlus

It’s a 55″ inch 4K QLED TV with a Dolby vision support. The Dolby vision enhances the picture quality, which brings remarkable colour, brightness, and contrast to the screen. The performance of Dolby vision brings a cinematic experience which processed the most excellent image quality.

The OnePlus display supports the HDR 10 and HDR 10+which result in the original and realistic viewing experience of the content. The OnePlus TV has a high colour range of National Television System Committee (NTSC) 120 %.

OnePlus TV Sound

OnePlus TV Q1 Pro has sliding soundbar with eight speakers unit. While Q1 has four unit speakers with standard soundbar. The speakers are powered by Dolby Atmos, which creates a cinematic environment right at your home. As all know that Dolby Atmos provides best-in-class sound details and clarity.

oneplus tv soundbar
Image source: OnePlus

OnePlus TV has four full-range speakers along with two tweeters and 2 x 10-watt woofers. Available in both the variants. The 50-watt output speakers fill your living room with strong bass. Front-facing speakers provide surrounded sound experience.

OnePlus Android TV

OnePlus TV is built on the Android TV platform. It has the latest version of Android installed, and you can download plenty of apps as this TV supports Google Play Store.

Like our smartphones, this OnePlus TV is built-in with Google Assistant, and a separate mic button is also available on the remote.  

oneplus tv chromecast
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You can cast photos and video easily by built-in Chromecast. So, you don’t need to buy an additional device for sharing the contents on TV.

OnePlus Smart TV Features

OnePlus introduces OxygenPlay on its TV. As stated by OnePlus, this is an entertainment hub where a person can watch their favourite shows from the most popular online streaming platforms such as Netflix and amazon prime videos.

oneplus tv remote

The combination of OnePlus TV Remote and OnePlus Connet app makes the TV control much more accessible. OnePlus TV remote gives you an elegant look that has a few buttons on it, as compared to the conventional TV remotes.

You can connect OnePlus TV with smartphones through the OnePlus Connect App.

OnePlus Connect App Features

TypeSync: This feature allows you to type on the TV screen with the smartphone keyboard.

Quick App Switch: This allow the user to quickly switch between apps without having to scroll through the list on TV.

Smart Volume: Smart Volume automatically detect the phone call and reduces the volume of the TV. When you disconnect the call, the TV automatically adjusts the volume level.

OnePlus TV Q1 Vs. Q1 Pro: Differences

The Q1 and Q1 Pro have precisely the same display specifications. In both the variants, the picture quality is going to be equal. 

Q1 Pro comes with additional sliding soundbar, and a total of eight units of speakers whereas OnePlus Q1 has four unit speakers and standard soundbar. Both of the variants have woofers in it.

OnePlus TV Dock comes bundled with OnePlus TV Q1 Pro only. You have to pay an additional amount to get OnePlus TV Dock for Q1 model as an accessory.

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At last, I can say that OnePlus TV is super loaded with all the essential as well as advanced features. Talking about the specification, both models are almost the same, and there is a slight difference. But this difference will not bring much change.

According to my opinion, OnePlus TV is over-priced, especially Q1 Pro. If we see OnePlus past and records in the smartphones market, this brand never compromises to its design, specs, and technology. OnePlus provides best and appealing experience to its user. After all, OnePlus fans will love this product. For more technical specifications, log on to or

Source: OnePlus India.

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