Why iPhones Doesn’t Have A Memory Card Slot ?


Why the iPhone doesn’t have a memory card slot

The Apple– a great profitable tech company, that doesn’t provide extended storage in their iPhone. Do you ever think? Why? So, well, we have discussed some essential points that may be the reasons why iPhones don’t have a memory card slot.

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Internal Memory Is Faster

The internal memory may be one of the possible reason why the iPhone doesn’t have memory card support. Because the different sd card has different specification and Apple will never know which class of SD card did their user’s use whether it’s a cheap one or a high-class memory card. So, external memory slows down the speed of the iPhone. This is the facts that internal memory is always faster than external. So, this may be the reason why the iPhones doesn’t have a memory card slot.

Affect The Design

It will affect the design of the iPhone. Because Apple would have to give a dedicated slot to insert sd card and this will make iPhone thick as every memory card is of the same size, so to keep iPhone thin this may be a reason Apple doesn’t support sd card. As iPhone release one model at a time. If it doesn’t fit with the design, then it will give a shady look. If we consider the android phones, so there are lots of brands and every month bunches of the phones are released, and android is thick in design so memory card can be easily fit.

It’s About Apple’s Revenue

  • Buy: The services

There are lots of things on the iPhone are cloud-based like iTunes, iCloud. Where you can stream and listen to songs and use any application or services, or you can store data also. If you want more data storage, then you have to buy their subscription. Apple generates lots of revenues from these services, such as iCloud and iTunes. If a person increases storage by just inserting the memory card, which is available in the market at a low price. Then why anyone will use these apple premium services. So this will reduce the apple profit. So, This may be the reasons why the iPhones don’t have a memory card slot.

  • Different variant’s: But the same specification

As we know that once Apple launches the iPhone, they are available in various options of storage like 64, 128, & 256 GB. If an SD card slot is introduced, then it is easy to expand storage with almost at a low price, and none of us will buy high storage iPhone. If we talk about a particular model of iPhone then it has the same screen size, RAM and other specification but its other variant differ only by storage capacity. And for this apple charge a very handsome amount of price.

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Apple Is Known For Its Security

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External storage or memory card security can be easily compromised if your iPhone is stolen or lost. And anyone can take your valuable data from the lost memory card. Although one can encrypt their memory card to avoid any security theft. But we are talking about general people, and they usually do not encrypt their cards.

If your phone is on internal storage, anyone who wants access has to unlock the phone first. There are services which provide remote location access to your phone by logging into your account and can erase all the data on your phones such as iTunes, iclouds and etc. So, this could also be the reasons why Apple doesn’t provide a memory card slot.

The best part of Apple iPhone is that, is known for its security. And the iPhone is secured than android. The points mentioned above are only my views that I think of why iPhones doesn’t have a memory card slot.


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